• a touch of glass
    — Whittington Moor Chesterfield —
  • a pint that
    tastes good
    — ANY day of the week —
  • To the officer
    or gentleman


They say that good people
drink good beer
So what you havin’?

You’ll find our rebellious little bolthole on the corner of Sheffield Road and Sanforth Street, opposite the glorious Proact Stadium that stands proudly on the site of the old Dema Glass factory.

Find Us!
The Glassworks


open from 4pm
Monday to Thursday
open from Midday
Friday to Sunday


  • Golden Bud


    A well balanced light, golden, hoppy bitter. Grapefruit noseand citrus flavours give way to a mellow, slightly sweet after-taste.

    3.8% abv

  • Brampton Mild


    Dark, roasted and jam packed full of flavour. Actually it’s very difficult to describe as the characteristics change so much the longer it is allowed to condition for. At its peak it is so rich you feel like asking if it will lend you a tenner.

    4.9% abv

  • Curse Of The Bambino


    A modern classic American IPA. Dark golden in colour and packed brimful with lip-smackin' American citrus-aroma hops.

    4.4% abv

  • Carling


    Carling Lager is proudly brewed in Burton-on-Trent, using 100% British Barley. Perfectly balanced with a great refreshing taste.

    3.7% abv

  • Pravha


    Pravha is a lighter tasting pilsner from the brewers of Staropramen. Unexpectedly crisp, light and refreshing taste.

    4.0% abv

  • Vedett Blonde


    A Premium Pilsner (Blonde Beer) - Gentle Malt Sweetness/Delicate Hop Bitterness, Touch Of Citrus

    5.0% abv

  • Aspalls Suffolk


    Fruity, dry, racy, thirst-quenching, lip-smacking. Created to celebrate 275 years of cyder making by 8th generation brothers Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild.

    5.5% abv

  • Moonshine


    Moonshine – medium crisp refreshing premium strong cider that defies the ABV.

    7.5% abv

  • Hibernate


    A blend of bittersweet & dessert windfall apples carefully selected for their delicious mellow taste.

    5.0% abv

  • Coming Soon and Here Already

    We will have a Pork Pies being served at the bar soon, so watch this space. Until that time we have the usual stockpile of crisps and nuts to stuff your chops with.

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